TOP6 Most Anticipated Games of 2016 with Ilja and Alina


2 thoughts on “TOP6 Most Anticipated Games of 2016 with Ilja and Alina

  1. “SeaFall” is also my top anticipated title. Although I have not played a legacy game yet (“Risk” I have horrific childhood memories of about and “Pandemic” I never played regular to date), I am definite interested in the concept, and the theme sounds very promissing to me. Plus, like you said, it should be great to have a game, which is designed from scratch to the legacy system, rather then one, which is bend to fit into it.

    “First Martian” on the other hand, I will not really bother with, because of the app. I don’t own a smart phone or tablet, and won’t get it. I’m enough time in front of computer screen, and fear a little bit, I would morph in a zombie goon watching the screen any moment in the subway. (Or even the restaurant, which I find particular annoying, if some company of me is doing that.) Funny, I heard yesterday at work at the radio about a study, which claimed, that myopia tremendously increased among population, in particular children, and smart phones and tablets were blamed for it. Well, I won’t say, I decline “First Martian” because “It’s bad for the eyes”, and heck, I will definitely play it, if somebody in my gaming group will brings it to the table. (I love RC, and am interested in the Mars-theme, too.) But I definitely won’t buy it myself.

    The tokens of RC are a bit fiddly, yes, but only for the first few games. And I think, the main use for the app will be the deck of cards anyway. Sure, you will save a bit setup time, not needing to shuffle the decks. But I would waste a lot more time, if I would really get cell addicted, which really could happen.

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    • Yes, people are different. I’m fine with tablets and smartphones cause I need them for work and review channel (Twitter and Instagram are essential parts of every reviewer and smartphone is great to make photos). First Martians is definitely my choice not Alina’s. But I think she might like it as well.


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