TOP3 Series: Worker Placement games – Ilja and Alina


6 thoughts on “TOP3 Series: Worker Placement games – Ilja and Alina

  1. I wonder, since Ilia does not like German games, because they are in general “ugly”, what is your opinion to Michael Menzel, who is generally regarded as a game artist with beautiful work, mainly in German games, and he is German himself. Don’t you like his work as well? Since you seem to like a lot smaller 2 player cardgames, have you ever tried “Rivals of Catan”? I’d argue, that some of the faces on the cards look a bit to much like a “thank you” to living persons, but other then that, I like it a lot, artwork and gameplay wise. Not a “worker placement” game of course. He rendered the board for “Pillars of the Earth”, too, which I have yet to play, though.

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  2. I would like to try Pillars of the Earth but it’s really hard to get a copy. Regarding “Rivals of Catan” it has Catan theme that we are not really interested in 😛 The thing is I don’t like German euros for various reasons: they usually have bland artwork, they are “dry” and very mechanical, there’s much of strategy and sometimes non-existent tactical decisions (I like games to be evenly balanced between tactical and strategical) and they have boring theme (farming, trading etc). There are of course “German school” euros that I might like but very few…
    Michael Menzel has cool art style but for example his own game Legends of Andor was very-very boring in my opinion. There are many euros that have beautiful artwork and it doesn’t matter for me if it’s german or french artist – the game itself needs to have beautiful or stylish art, interesting theme and mechanics. Conclusion: Michael Menzel is a great artist but a pass when it comes to his board game designs 😀 And sometimes even his art cannot “save” the game, cause it all depends on different aspects.

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  3. I wouldn’t have suggested Andor, although I personally like it a lot. But since you are not very much into coops and it is very puzzle-heavy, I suspected, it would not be your type of game.

    However, the “theme” in Catan is not very thick, there are a few resemblances between the two games regarding available resources and building costs, but they still are very, very different games. I know quite some people, who like one of them and dislike the other. So, if you have never tried it “because it is Catan”, you might be surprised by the Rivals. The two expansions are also both very good. Rivals also might have a little more theme then Settlers, since it features some characters and events featured in a Catan novel (I never read), which are in no way related to the original game.

    Anyway, I like your site very much. First spotted you on the Blender, where you are among my favourite segments, and found the link to your Quadropolis review yesterday at BGG. Will now watch some more of your videos. Keep on with your great work!


    • Thanks for suggestion 🙂 We’ll look into it 🙂 I hope you will find useful and entertaining videos on our channel. I would suggest watching our other TOP3 series videos. Cheers!

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      • Thanks, I already watched most of them, plus your Top 10 of all time. And I sure will watch many other videos here, too.


  4. P.S.: And there is no trading at all in “Rivals”. (There is no farming in Catan anyway.) There was in the first Catan card game, but they found out, that this was a pointless feature in a 2 player game, since it would always favour the player, whose turn it is.


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