Raptor – Ilja and Alina


2 thoughts on “Raptor – Ilja and Alina

  1. I have not heard of this game before. For myself I have enough 2 player games right now, because I play mainly in bigger groups. But I know 2 couples, both part in groups, I attend, which should really love this one. Looking forward to occasions, when I can give it them as present.

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    • Cool! I would still recommend trying it cause we have a lot 2-player games as well but Raptor is the best one so far. There are of course some games that we play as 2-player although you can play with more.

      2-player games that we have:

      Tail Feathers
      The Battle of Five Armies
      Dice Masters
      some Pack O Games titles
      Kune v Lakia
      7 Wonders Duel
      Tides of Time
      8 KOSMOS 2-player series titles

      And there are games like for example Five Tribes, Roll for the Galaxy, Sultaniya, Loop Inc etc that we play as 2-player games…

      Still Raptor is soooo unique and great!


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