UPDATED Collection runthrough (2016) PART 2


4 thoughts on “UPDATED Collection runthrough (2016) PART 2

  1. Please don’t make excuses for “talking to much” about the games. It’s fine to hear some presentation, why you like them. 🙂 “Steam Works” is really a game, I should check out. Never heard of it, but it sounds very interesting to me.

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    • I talk about Steam Works *SMALL SPOILER* in my ultimate TOP50 of All Time as well… We’ll definitely review this game but most likely after Essen Spiel


      • Uups, actually that was the video I wanted to comment to.

        I watched part I of the video on your site, then clicked on the link at the end of the video for part II, which redirected to youTube. Then to make a comment, I returned to your site, because I’m not registered at youTube, but missed the right video.


      • Haha 🙂 Yeah… Website is more of an extra but it’s not very functional so I redirect all videos to Youtube. The new website needs a good amount of funds. But I want to have a good website, the future will tell.


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