Alina’s Ultimate TOP10


2 thoughts on “Alina’s Ultimate TOP10

  1. Regarding “push your luck”, I think you really should give “Port Royal” a try. It combines the mechanism with a light engine builder, and it rewards not only risky play, so Alina should like it, too. It is an easy going filler and yet the current favourite of my regular gaming group, but I also had a big success with it with the family of my cousin, including two children of 7 and 10. It’s still a good game with only 2 players, but shines even more with higher player counts. The box is not lying, stating 2-5.


    • Thanks 🙂 We have tried Port Royal and it fell totally flat. Pure Push your Luck games with a little set collection aren’t really our thing. It depends on other mechanics there or theme and such.


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