VLOG Series: Overall update and Future Videos


4 thoughts on “VLOG Series: Overall update and Future Videos

  1. Your Essen coverage last year was GREAT. I think, it came not at a time, I was able to comment it a lot, but I watched it and enjoyed it very much. So hopefully you will find time, to do it (or other conventions) this year again.

    Other than Papà Paolo, of which I have seen your review earlier than this video, Codinca and 1911 had been the only games, I ‘ve ever heard about. But I’m looking forward to your coverage. I like the opportunity to be made aware of some other games, rather than having the 20+ entry of a Scythe or Terraforming Mars review.

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    • We try to cover games that aren’t as hyped and as popular because there are reviewers who have time and money to do these popular game reviews faster, in advance. So there’s no point in repeating all of them. It’s much more interesting to talk about the game that we might like but many viewers haven’t heard about. We did that with Kolejka for example.


      • I see, we share viewpoints. That was exactly, what I wanted to express: if you can’t be first on the “big titles”, it is much better to showcase something else. Especially, since there are so many great games out there to be discovered.

        Kolejka is definitely one of the games, you brought onto my radar, although I have not bought it yet. It looks very appealing due to the satirical presented yet historical accurate theme, which I think will work good as a game as well. In Austria we have a game about recent local cases of corruption, which appeals as a theme to me, too. But unfortunately this had been pasted on a role-and-move game, resembling Monopoly. I think, it was unique for an institute for historical remembrance to take the effort to design a proper game, rather then something like this Austrian game.

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    • I see… Sometimes we do make reviews of bigger games if they ARE review copies. We can rarely play and review the game before the bigger reviewers. And that’s why we also went to smaller publishers in Essen and gathered some review copies from them 🙂 Cause we are thankful for the review copies and they will be much more thankful for the advertising we will make for the game (of course if it’s any good). I like to work with smaller publishers though we want to establish better communication with bigger ones like Days of Wonder, TMG, Lautapelit and Matagot


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