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Brain Games Summer camp 2016

While Ilja and Alina are doing amazing videos, I have been trying to find a reason to start writing again (all my previous reviews have been in Russian). I guess, since the Brain Games Summer Boardgame camp took part 19-21 of August, this is a perfect reason.

—Before the camp

So, the camp was announced, unless I am mistaken, already in March and this gave some time to talk to a few friends abroad and invite them for a visit. The location was again chosen to be Jõulumäe ski centre near Pärnu. So, after registering and paying for accommodation, we were ready to go. Ilja and Alina got a room with friend Clive from the UK, while we understood, that we will get someone random as the third. But the preparations started a bit earlier, as on Thursday morning I was still without my new car, meaning none of the Würfel team had a ride. The tension grew, but luckily I got it back late evening.
After buying some card sleeves (unexpectedly Viticulture had different card size) I met Ilja around 9 pm, took their luggage and went home to sleeve. On Friday, we managed to leave early and avoid all the traffic jams on the way. The ride to Pärnu is 120 km, and half way there was a detour with a “Pärnu 200m –>” sign. Ilja asked if really Pärnu is so near. We arrived just in time to check in and look at the halls.

The games I brought were: Microfilms, Eldritch Horror, Splendor, Power Grid, Skull, Stack the Chairs and Viticulture. As usual, my aim was to play as many new for me games as possible or to play those, which it is almost impossible to find in Tallinn. Alternatively, I wanted to introduce games to (new) people. This year I did not take a single picture, so pictures by Brain Games are used. The camp had a lot of foreigners and it was a record number of 130 people.

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