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Ilja – Founder of Würfel Reviews, Reviewer, Editor

Ilja entered the world of board games thanks to Alina who introduced him such games as Munchkin, Arkham Horror and Cosmic Encounter. From that on Ilja became really enthusiastic and started researching all kinds of stuff related to board games. Ilja is a composition student in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Ilja is the founder of Würfel Reviews, reviewer and The Dice Tower contributer in the Board Game Blender show.
Würfel Reviews was founded in 2013. First it was just a group in Facebook. In the beginning of 2015 the webpage was created.
Ilja likes all sorts of games: eurogames and amerithrash/random games. In his opinion thematical and graphical aspects of the game are really important. He wants to find something unique in every game. Ilja also likes all sorts of card games and civ games.
TOP3 games are: Cyclades, Dead of Winter, Empires: Age of Discovery

Alina – Reviewer, Interviewer

Alina started with Munchkin. She then found Estonian board game shop Brain Games and started visiting this shop frequently. She got Ilja into gaming with Arkham Horror and Cosmic Encounter. From that moment both “got bitten” by board games and became big enthusiasts. Alina writes articles about board game designers and prepares interviews. Alina is also The Dice Tower contributer in Board Game Blender show and reviews games with Ilja in a video format. Alina was the one who made logo and header of the webpage. She is very talented!
Alina likes different games. She likes eurogames and games with bigger random factor. She likes some economic games. She considers the graphical part of the game to be one of the most important things (even more than Ilja) and she also seeks for unique approach and theme in games.
TOP3 are: Cyclades, Abyss, Mice and Mystics

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Andres – Reviewer (Russian blog)

The first so-called real board game that I played was Carcassonne in 2009. At that moment the process felt strange. Few years later I discovered board game nights in Tallinn where I gathered some more knowledge about board games. First game that I bought was Settlers of Catan (with discount). Next one was Carcassonne with the expansion. And then another expansion and another. Right now Carcassonne  is more of a collection than a fun game to play. Beside that I have fillers and bigger and longer games in my collection.

I don’t mind playing games that have a bigger random factor (with dice) but I prefer eurogames much more, as I can calculate, plan and do important decisions. Best example of a bad random is Risk – one soldier can kill whole army if he is lucky. Although, games like King of Tokyo are great because they are not difficult and are just fun. It does not matter who wins – the process itself must be fun in order to enjoy the game.

I think my advantage is that I’m ready to try all games. I think that every game has a chance to succeed. TOPs, designers and visual aspect of the game don’t always play an important role in choosing a game. Even if the review of the game didn’t cause interest doesn’t mean I won’t play it. It’s just there are always some other games to play.

I don’t rate games. I just say: “Liked a lot”, “Good”, “I can play this, but maybe something else?”

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